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cookbooks for college kids

Recently my 18-year-old son saw me about to crack an egg into a pan, and he offered to do it for me. Seeing that he has NEVER in his entire life cracked an egg, I let him - he broke the yolk, which got me a little annoyed since I wanted the yolk in tack but it was fine... I must admit that my 18-year-old can't cook. Can't boil an egg, and probably would ask me a million questions if I told him to boil water in a pot.

Yes, I'm to blame for his inadequacy to crack an egg or cook a simple meal. Yes, I spoil him in that sense. But he has made himself some instant noodles, once or twice before but that's not really cooking is it?

Every time, I tell him that he should let me teach him to cook, he retorts saying that everything's on YouTube now so how difficult can it be? Which is true! I go to YouTube all the time to learn a new dish or to find some inspiration. But we've made a deal - a few months before he heads off overseas for college, I'll teach him how to cook, just simple, easy-to-make meals. This will save him a lot of money, money he can save up to travel.

YouTube is no doubt an excellent source for almost everything, especially in cooking, but cookbooks are special, even if I just flip through them every once in a while. Somehow cookbooks have an attraction that videos don't. It's flipping through the pages with beautiful, attractive photos of meals that make your mouth water. It's looking through the ingredients list and getting excited realizing you have all of them and you could possibly have this beautiful dish on the table in under 30 minutes. There's something very chef-like about having cookbooks around. But that's just me.

Back to your college-bound kids, it's an exciting time for them. New environment, exercising their new-found independence, practicing all the life skills that we have tried to teach them, and also new friends! One of those life skills that you may have imparted to them is being able to cook. Some of them may have already learned a few safe dishes they would be able to confidently cook for themselves and maybe even confident enough to show off their skills to their new roommates or floormates. Others may need a bit more practice.

In your quest to prepare your college-bound kid with essential life skills, these eight cookbooks would serve as excellent companions. These cookbooks are easy and simple to follow and cover all the basics that they need to keep them fed for the next 3 or 4 years.

Don't be surprised if they come home during their school break and start cooking for you!

Here Are 8 Super Easy-To-Follow Cookbooks For Your College Kids

college cookbooks

The 5 Ingredient College Cookbook

This book is a great book for your college kids! With over 100 recipes to choose from, your kids will have a delicious meal with only 5 ingredients in 30 minutes.

Not only does this book include recipes, but it also includes nutrition tips, money-saving tips when buying groceries as well as tips on using kitchen tools.


cookbooks for college kids

The One-Pan College Cookbook

With 80 easy, nutritious recipes prepared using only one pan, this cookbook is a match for your busy college kid who wants a healthy meal without the hassle.

Not only are the recipes easy to follow but the tips included in this book will help your kid be a better shopper and meal planner as well as teach them how to stock their mini fridge. There are even substitution tips for when they can't find a specific ingredient!


cookbooks for college kids

5-Ingredient Cooking For Two

This cookbook is a game-changer for busy college kids seeking simple yet delicious meals. Since all recipes are for two, your college kid can choose to share their meals with a friend or save the other half for another time.

This cookbook includes over 100 recipes focusing on minimal ingredients without sacrificing flavor. Perfectly tailored for the college lifestyle, it offers quick recipes that cater to smaller portions.

With straightforward instructions and creative combinations, this cookbook encourages your college kid to explore their culinary skills teaching them how to cook efficiently whilst whipping up great meals at the same time.


cookbooks for college kids

A Man, A Can, A Plan

It's a great starter book for your young man, or lady, who is new to cooking. The ingredients used in this cookbook are simple, easy to find, and easily accessible.

It's not a gourmet cookbook by any means but it's a good starter cookbook for your college kid to get them more comfortable with being in the kitchen and cooking for themselves.


cookbooks for college kids

The Ultimate Student Cookbook

This is a basic cookbook with very simple recipes and would be really helpful for someone just starting out who needs that extra bit of help.

With over 100 recipes, each recipe includes photos that go along with the step-by-step instructions as well as how the meal should look at the end of it, making it easy for your college kid to follow.

At the end of each recipe, the author also includes tips for optional ingredients, serving suggestions as well as what to do with leftovers.


cookbooks for college kids

The How-To Cookbook For Teens

With clear and concise instructions, this cookbook empowers your college kids to create delicious meals ranging from basic breakfasts to impressive dinners.

The book's user-friendly layout and vibrant visuals make it engaging and easy to follow, instilling confidence in kitchen novices.

Going beyond recipes, this cookbook offers essential cooking techniques, safety tips, and practical grocery shopping advice.


cookbooks for college kids

The Easy College Cookbook

The cookbook has a great set of basic recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks that your college kid can make with basic ingredients and limited cooking tools.

It also includes much-needed helpful hints and substitutions to cater to different dietary restrictions as well as easy-to-read labels.


cookbooks for college kids

Meal In A Mug

Not only is this cookbook excellent for those who hate washing up pots and pans, but it also contains really good options of recipes that your college kid can make with their dorm room microwave and a ceramic cup.

The 80 recipes included ranges from peanut butter and jam oatmeal to sweet and sour chicken.

All in a mug!

These cookbooks allow your college kids to explore their culinary skills. Not only do they have a wide variety of recipes, but they also include step-by-step instructions, money-saving tips, and versatile meal options that make dorm cooking a breeze. These cookbooks provide essential kitchen skills, perfect for your college kids seeking for hassle-free meals while they explore this new chapter of their lives.

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