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A home is where the heart is - that saying is true to its core, and who doesn't love a clean home, right?

Keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be a hassle, but it really doesn’t have to take up all your time.  I feel that keeping and maintaining a clean home is more about creating some good habits and less about the time involved. Sometimes, life gets a little bit crazy, and I am not able to maintain a clean home, but most of the time, I'm diligent with following easy steps. I promise – the more you do them, it becomes second nature and the easier it gets! If the list seems overwhelming to start with, just pick one or two to get started and add in more as you can.

Easy Tips to A Clean Home
Easy Tips To A Clean Home


I make it a point to make my bed as soon as I wake up - it's become a habit and I now wouldn't be able to walk out my room without making it first. This practice really sets a tone for the whole day!


This is especially for when you're in the kitchen cooking.... Instead of piling everything in the kitchen sink and on your counters and waiting until after you've finished cooking, clean and clear used utensils and put away veges and ingredients as you are cooking; whilst you're waiting for the pasta to boil or whilst your sauce is bubbling. It seriously helps. Once cooking is done, you'd barely have anything to wash up or put away - just wipe down your counters and you're ready for dinner!

Outside of the kitchen, whether its the living room, dining room, or bedroom, keep stuff away and try not to leave each room without bringing items out that needs to be put away - shoes, socks, books, mugs, plates, empty drink bottles, toys...a football.


Apart from the customary vacuuming, mopping and laundry every weekend, I do some spot cleaning - I pick one or two areas (hidden messed up areas - if you know what I mean) that I'd like to clean out and clear. Below are some ideas:-

  • Clothes Cupboards

  • Shoe Cupboards

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Makeup Drawer

  • StoreRoom

  • Under the Kitchen Sink

  • Kitchen Countertop

Pick one or two each week.


When we initially organised and furnished our home, we had a place for everything.During the day, some books might no longer be on their shelves, the throw no longer on the sofa - this is normal, but it's important that everything is put back in its place before they get overwhelming.


Just like washing your face before you go to bed is preached over and over again, do a quick clean up before bed. Some of the things that you could do are :-

  • Tidy the sofa and fluff up the pillows

  • Put all toys and books away

  • Wash up and put away whats in the kitchen sink

I promise - you'll be thankful when you wake up in the morning, and you'll be ready for the new day ahead!


Get rid of the clutter, guys! And as Marie Kondo says, if it doesn't spark joy anymore, then it's time to let them go - Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Furniture, Decorations, Books, Junk Drawers. Really look at everything you have and decide!

When we moved apartments some five years ago, I made it a point to de-clutter and take only the things that I truly wanted to our new apartment. I'm truly glad I did. Sometimes you just don't realise how much shit you accumulate over the years, and some just collect cobwebs! Nowadays, I'm very mindful of the stuff I bring into my home - whether I really need it and if it'll contribute significantly to what I already own.

There you have it! Six tips to help you at home. Are there any tips that you swear by? I'd love to hear from you!

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